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Should you buy a Dubai pass? In this article, I will review the three City Passes that can help you discover Dubai, starting with the Go Dubai Explorer Pass from Go City, which is the most popular. I will also tell you about the two interesting alternatives: the Dubai Pass All Inclusive (the all-inclusive version of the Go Dubai Explorer Pass), and the Dubai Digital Pass.

If you are going to visit Dubai soon, this article will help you to see more clearly the activities included by and the prices of the Dubai Explorer Pass, but also of the other combined tickets for Dubai.

I've had the opportunity to take a « Dubai Pass » four times in the past few years. With all my different trips with friends and family, I’ve had the opportunity to use it a lot, which now allows me to give very precise feedback on the Pass, as well as my opinion on these very practical tourist tickets.


explorer pass dubai
Like all travelers, you will want to discover some activities during your trip to Dubai. Especially since this city really has no shortage of things to do and see! 
Go City's "Go Dubai Explorer Pass"  allows you to choose the activities you want to do a la carte, and it will also be very useful in saving you money.

"Go Dubai Explorer Pass" is the new name of the Dubai Explorer Pass (the card is the same, only the name has changed). You can also find this tourist pass under the name 'Go Dubai Card', 'Pass Dubai', 'City Pass Dubai', 'Pass Explorer Dubai'...

How does it work? The Go Dubai Pass is an activity pass that will allow you to choose attractions and visits from a very complete list.

You can buy a pass for 3, 4, 5, or 7 activities.

You don't have to choose the activities you will do as you buy the pass, you only have to choose the number of activities you want to do.It is on site, at the time of your visits, that you can make your choice.

In addition to having everything in one digital card (which is very convenient), by opting for the Dubai pass, you can also save money on activities compared to the price you would have paid by buying tickets for each activity separately.

In short, the Dubai pass allows you to pay less for your activities in Dubai, which is pretty cool! Whether it's your first trip or your second, you'll always want to do some activities in Dubai.


liste activites dubai
activites incluses pass

The Go Dubai Pass is a digital pass that allows you to choose the attractions and visits that interest you from a list of over 45 activities. From theme park tickets to cruises to sightseeing, there is a wide range of activities for everyone to choose from.

Of course, Dubai's main attractions are all included in the list of activities.

With your Go Dubai Card, you can:

  • climb to the top of the Burj Khalifa with "At The Top" access (levels 124 and 125)
  • enter the Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis The Palm
  • take a desert safari with a barbecue dinner in Abu Dhabi
  • visit Ferrari World, the theme park dedicated to the legendary Italian car brand
  • visit Dubai with the multi-stop “Hop On Hop Off” bus thank to an unlimited one-day ticket
  • get an entrance to the LEGOLAND theme park
  • visit the MOTIONGATE theme park
  • Take a dinner cruise on a Dhow boat (typical Dubai boat) with food and drinks included
  • take a dinner cruise on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi
  • enjoy a guided speedboat tour
  • get an entrance to Ski Dubai
  • visit the Dubai Opera House
  • take a stand up paddle course
  • take a sunrise tour in a 4x4 or quad bike in the Dubai desert
  • try the iFly Dubai free fall simulator
  • take a kayak ride on Palm Jumeirah
  • visit the water park "Yas Waterworld”

About 30 other activities are also proposed (you can find the complete list and more details on the booking page of your City Pass for Dubai).


fonctionnement explorer pass

It’s very easy! Unlike some City Passes, the Go Dubai Explorer ticket is not an unlimited activity pass (I'll talk about the more complete version of this pass later). You just have to choose how many activities  you want to do from this list.

There are 3, 4, 5 and 7 activities Dubai passes.

Once you have purchased your pass, you will receive it immediately by email, and you can keep it and use it in digital format on your smartphone (pdf). Of course, if you would rather, you can also print it on paper. In any case, the operation remains the same: you will merely need to present the QR Code to access the activities of your choice.

In addition to your pass, you'll also receive a comprehensive digital guidebook with a lot of useful information about Dubai's sites of interest and all the attractions that are accessible with the Dubai Pass. This guide will be very useful to check the opening hours of the attractions and to check the booking modalities, if necessary.

From the date of purchase, this pass will be valid for 2 years. Once you're in Dubai, you'll simply activate your pass by choosing your first activity, after which it will be valid for 60 days,  following this first use.
You will have two full months to do all the activities available in your pass, depending of course on the number of activities you chose.

Admission to the attractions is of course included in the price of the pass. Once at the attractions, you won't have to pay anything and can quickly start your visit. For some of them though, you will still have to pay extra - if you decide to take options for example, or if you want to discover a temporary exhibition.

To buy your pass, nothing could be easier, you just have to click here:


Here again, it's quite simple. There are 4 prices depending on the number of activities you choose: 3, 4, 5 or 7.

 The prices indicated are approximate: they vary every day according to the AED/US$ exchange rate.

To learn more about the currency of Dubai, I wrote a complete article on the subject.

Number of activities



3 choices of activities

Adults: $166

Children (3-12 years old): $130

4 choices of activities

Adultes: $211

Children (3-12 years old): $162

5 choices of activities

Adultes: $256

Children (3-12 years old): $200

7 choices of activities

Adultes: $334

Children (3-12 years old): $257


To give you an example and show you how I use the Dubai pass when I go there, here is a small comparison of the unit price of the activities compared to the pass price.

Price of the activity

Price with the pass

Burj Khalifa -  124,125th floor



Admission to water park



Admission to Ferrari World



Total price


$174 for 3 activities

For only 3 activities, the saving is therefore more than 15%! That is about $25 in savings for 3 activities.

I took as an example 3 activities that are practically unmissable in Dubai, that I really recommend to anyone who discovers this city for the first time. No doubt about it, this Dubai Pass will be a perfect companion to save you time and money!

Even if you have planned to stay a long time in Dubai, you can still opt for the packages that offer 4, 5 or 7 activities. You will be able to enjoy them without hurrying, since the Dubai pass is valid for 60 days starting from its activation at the time of the first activity performed.


I have personally bought the 4 activities pass 3 times, and the 5 activities pass once. Why did I buy it?

Simply because during a first trip, you will inevitably want to discover the Burj Khalifa.
It is the highest tower in the world, it is simply IMPOSSIBLE not to go up there! Moreover, it is indeed true for a first trip, but personally, I go up there during each passage in Dubai..

Then, the safari in the desert is an activity which really pleases the families and the couples. As such, it is also a must-do when you're in Dubai. I would also recommend going to at least one water park while in the emirate. My favourite is the Aquaventure Waterpark  right next to the Atlantis Hotel.

After these must-do, my choices of activities often vary between a dinner cruise on a Dhow Boat, or a theme park like the Ferrari World, for example.

During my last visit to Dubai in 2020, I also used my Dubai pass to go to Ski Dubai.  It had been at least 2 years since I had been there !

If I do the math for my last trip:

Price of the activity

Price with the pass

Burj Khalifa - 124,125th floor



Aquaventure Waterpark



Desert Safari



Dinner cruise on the water



Ski Dubai



Total price


$263 for 5 activities

Here too, the savings are considerable, with a 20% reduction, or almost 50 € less on the total price of 5 activities.

This is a really interesting economy! And it is just one example among many, since there are dozens and dozens of attractions accessible with the Dubai Pass: you will always find a way to make it profitable.


This other version of GO City's Dubai Pass is only for people who want to discover Dubai in the most complete way possible during their trip to the United Arab Emirates. The principle of the Go Dubai All Inclusive is simple: you don't have to choose a certain number of activities from the list... you'll have unlimited access to all the attractions offered! The only choice you will have to make at the time of purchase is the duration of its validity, which can be from 2 to 7 days.
Please note that these days of validity can be used independently. This means that if, for example, you are in Dubai for a week and you have bought a Dubai Pass All Inclusive card valid for 2 days, you can use it on Monday and Thursday: you are not obliged to use your two days consecutively!
Apart from this important difference, the operation and use of these two cards are strictly identical.

As you can imagine, such a complete City Pass has a certain cost. But even if the purchase price of this tourist ticket represents a significant sum, if you multiply your visits and activities and take full advantage of the possibilities, it will always save you money!


Overall, the list of activities offered is almost identical to the Go City Explorer pass. More than 35 activities are included, including all of the city's most popular sites, and even some of Abu Dhabi's most popular attractions, such as:

  • Ticket to the Aquaventure Water Park of The Palm Jumeirah
  • Access to the Burj Khalifa Observatory
  • A 4x4 and quad bike tour in the desert
  • A camel ride in the desert
  • Desert safari with barbecue (in Dubai and Abu Dhabi)
  • A dinner cruise in the Dubai Creek
  • A ticket to the Dubai Aquarium
  • Ticket to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi
  • Entrance to the IMG Worlds of Adventure theme park
  • Kayak trip around The Palm
  • Ticket to the LEGOLAND Water Park
  • A cruise over the Dubai Marina
  • A Ski Dubai ticket
  • A Speed Boat Tour
  • A cruise around Yas Island Yas Island

Simply put, this ticket will cover absolutely everything you could want to do during your stay in Dubai. The list of available activities is subject to small changes. You can check the complete and updated list of activities on this page.


Number of days

Number of activities



2 days

Unlimited activities

Adults: $321 

Children (3-12 years old): $279.

3 days

Unlimited activities

Adults: $410

Children (3-12 years old): $335

4 days

Unlimited activities

Adults: $488

Children (3-12 years old): $377

5 days

Unlimited activities

Adults: $558

Children (3-12 years old): $404

6 days

Unlimited activities

Adults: $656

Children (3-12 years old): $446

This pass has a significant cost, but is it cost-effective? To find out, let’s  just take the same examples of 5 activities that I have already used. These 5 activities that you would have paid $330 individually, it is possible to do them with a 2 days pass, saving 9 €. Not so good? Maybe, but it's something, and that's really taking one of the worst possible examples! Because every extra day will cost you less:

  • For 2 days pass, you pay $153.10 per day
  • For 3 days, $129,83 per day
  • For 4 days, $117 per day
  • For 5 days, $106,89 per day
  • For 7 days, $90 per day

Moreover, nobody said you could do "only" 5 activities in 2 days.

More globally, we can consider that the Go Dubai All Inclusive will allow you to save money from 2 or 3 visits and up per dayr. If you don't want to limit yourself in your visits and discoveries during your stay in Dubai, this formula could be really interesting. I assure you that if you spend a week in Dubai with a 7 days All Inclusive pass, doing 2 to 3 activities per day (and so between 15 and 20 activities in total), you will definitely come out a winner!


Again, you will not be able to buy this pass in Dubai. It is only possible to buy it on the Internet.

As you buy it, you will just have to choose the duration of its validity. Choose carefully, because the rate is decreasing (each additional day costs less), but you will not be able to extend the validity of your pass once you have purchased it.

You can book your pass directly on the website by clicking here.

You will receive your QR code a few moments later in your mailbox, and you will simply have to present it on a printed paper or on your smartphone during your first activity.

This pass is valid for 14 days from its first activation. The days you don't do any activity will not be counted.

3 - the dubai digital pass

This third City Pass for Dubai offers a different formula. It is simply a combined ticket, very simple and without options. The Dubai Digital Pass does not allow you to choose a duration of validity, or to select the activities you want to do from a large list. Instead, it goes straight to the point: only one ticket to discover 2 must-do activities in Dubai.

The activities included have been chosen to match the most common choices of tourists in Dubai.

The operation of this fully digital pass is also very simple: You book it online by choosing a date, and you will get your ticket sent by email almost immediately. In this email, you will also receive a guide with all the information about the activities and benefits included in the pass.


No frills with this pass. You won't have to choose activities or make reservations for your visits, and you'll get an all-in-one ticket that includes:

  • The ticket to access the 124th and 125th floors of the Burj Khalifa, and enjoy an incredible view of Dubai from the world's tallest skyscraper.
  • A morning safari in the desert with Dune Bashing in 4x4, Sandboarding, brunch and camel ride.
  • A comprehensive audio guide application, with many visuals, interactive maps and descriptions of all the sites of interest in Dubai. (Offline access possible)
  • A 10% discount on many other Dubai attractions with a personal code.






Dubai Digital Pass

Combined ticket 2 activities + benefits

Adults (12+):


Youth (10-11 years old):


Children (4-9 years old):


This package offers the fewest options, but it has the advantage of being the most affordable. It offers only must-see tours, and you have to pay only your activities. But how much can you expect to save with the Dubai Digital Pass ?

Ticket prices alone:

  • 124th and 125th floors of the Burj Khalifa: $40.50
  • 4x4, quad and camel safari in the desert: $52

Obviously, buying the tickets separately would cost you less: $92.50. But even though you are paying an extra $6, you will have the advantage of having these 2 visits grouped in one ticket, save time when you are doing the booking, and more importantly you will be able to enjoy the audio guide and the discounts. This formula can be interesting for those who really want to concentrate their visits on these 2 emblematic attractions of Dubai.


climate dubai

As you can see, these passes almost always allow you to save money on the visits of the tourist sites in Dubai.

So my opinion is very positive about these City Passes, and I highly recommend them to anyone who goes to Dubai.

But personally, I consider the Dubai Digital Pass insufficient, and my preference is for the Go Dubai Explorer Pass from Go City (there is a reason why I almost always take one when I travel to Dubai!).

This pass allows you to benefit from discounts and to choose activities among a choice of several dozen.

You will have 60 days after its first use to enjoy the pass, so the time constraint is not big.

What I find very convenient is that you don't have to select your activities when you buy the pass. Once in Dubai, you can use it as you wish to access any of the attractions listed. The great flexibility of this pass is really one of its strong points, as you can change your mind at the last minute, or modify your plans depending on the weather, for example. You will never be forced to do an activity that you had chosen weeks or even months before, and that you don't feel like doing anymore.

No matter how many attractions you choose on your pass, if you plan to do the must-do activities in Dubai, I guarantee that it will be very profitable for you!

If you want to climb the Burj Khalifa or visit a theme park or a water park, the Dubai pass is worth it.

In any case, you will at least make a small saving and you will be able to take advantage of a much more convenient grouped ticket. In the best case, the savings can be as much as 47%!

If 7 activities are not enough for you, and you intend to do as many visits as possible during your trip to Dubai, then the Pass Go Dubai All Inclusive will certainly be your best choice. And since the days you don't use it are not counted, you'll be able to make the most of it!

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