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The time difference between Dubai and the United States

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Trying to find out how much time difference there is in Dubai with the US? You’ve come to the right place 🙂

Although Dubai (United Arab Emirates) is located more than 7,049.104 miles or 11,344.433 kilometers (as the crow flies) from Washington D.C. - and therefore is in a different time zone - there is some respectable time difference between the two countries.

Washington D.C.'s time zone is GMT/UTC-4 or GMT/UTC-5 -, depending on whether we are on eastern daylight time (EDT) or eastern standard time (EST) in North America. On the other hand, Dubai is in the Gulf time zone: UTC/GMT+4 (all year round).

This means that while some sections of the U.S. switch from winter to summer time during the year, Dubai's time zone is applicable all year round: there is no time change in summer or in winter!

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As a result, there is either +8 hours or +9 hours in Dubai compared to Washington D.C., depending on the time of the year 🙂:

  • +8 hours in summer (from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November):

That is to say, if during this period it is 12 am in Washington D.C., then it means that it is 8 pm in Dubai.


  • +9 hours in winter (the remainder of the year, from November to March)

If it is 12 am in Washington D.C., then it is 9 pm in Dubai.


As such, there is always a time difference between Dubai and the U.S. It is either eight or nine hours.

If you have any doubt, don't worry and click on this link, it will tell you exactly what time it is in Dubai right now: https://time.is/fr/Dubai. The "Time.is" website will show you the exact and official time in Dubai, no matter where you are in the world.

If you are looking for the time difference between Dubai and another part of the world, this is the perfect site 🙂

Note that not only will you be jet-lagged, but the temperature difference will also come as a shock once you've arrived at the Dubai Airport! So don't plan too many activities for the day itself, you may end up either too tired to do them, or not enjoying them as both you and they deserve.

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