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Are you planning to visit Dubai soon? Between the very modern districts, the traditional old city and the wonders of the desert, your trip will certainly leave you with unforgettable memories. But to travel with peace of mind, you will need to find the right travel insurance for Dubai. In this post, you can find all the information you need to prepare your stay in Dubai.


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As a rule, insurance is not mandatory when traveling, though it does give you peace of mind. However, getting travel insurance is mandatory if you want to enter the United Arab Emirates (of which Dubai is a part of). If you want to stay for more than one month in Dubai, for example, you won't be able to apply for a visa unless you show proof of having obtained travel insurance.

For people living in the United States of America or Canada, no visa is required for a normal trip. Upon arrival in the emirate, an immigration officer will affix a free 30-day visitor's visa to your passport.

However, you must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the date of your arrival in the United Arab Emirates.

But even if Dubai is not a destination where health risks are high, and its medical network is quite modern and well developed – traveling abroad without insurance is always risky. Even more so in this period where health risks are increased. Measures are still in place to combat the coronavirus, which may require travelers to stay longer than expected in the UAE. Medical costs in Dubai are relatively high. Fees for medical visits are set directly by the doctors, and a simple consultation can cost up to $105!

Without insurance, you risk having to pay a very large sum – or even not having access to care at all. That's why it's so important to have travel insurance that offers solid coverage.

Chapka's Cap Assistance insurance

If you are going to Dubai for a few weeks, I recommend subscribing to the Chapka’s Cap Assistance insurance. It offers many advantages, especially in case of unforeseen events – including Covid-19 guarantees in case of problems! Whether for a last minute cancellation, an unexpected extension of your stay, or a health problem abroad, Chapka will assist you in all the unexpected events of your trip. What's more, you will get a 5% discount with our Chapka promotional code ! 🙂


But things have also changed since the coronavirus health crisis. Travel to the UAE territory was impossible for several months during 2020, and though the borders reopened in July 2020, new rules were also introduced.

Depending on their situation, travelers who wish to access UAE territory must now comply with one of these conditions:

  • Be able to present a certificate with QR Code stating that they have a complete and up-to-date vaccination schedule (with a UAE or WHO approved vaccine)
  • Be able to present a medical certificate with QR Code, which attests that the traveler has been cured of Covid 19 infection for less than one month.
  • Be able to present a negative PCR test dated less than 48 hours ago from an approved laboratory. An Arabic or English version of this test may be required.

All travelers arriving in the UAE may be retested upon arrival at the airport. In this case, travelers will be confined until the test results are available, and will be subject to quarantine in case of a positive result.

Upon exit from the country, the same certificates will be required. Certain conditions may vary depending on the airline, so it is advisable to check with the airline. In case of a positive PCR test, the stay will have to be extended for a minimum of 10 days, at the traveler's expense. The traveler will also be responsible for any medical expenses. Therefore, it is mandatory for travelers to have travel insurance for Dubai.


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Many insurance companies offer packages suitable for a trip to Dubai. The most important points to take into account are the following:

  • Always check in detail all the conditions of an insurance (civil liability, medical repatriation, various medical expenses, compensation in case of theft or loss of luggage...). Even though contracts can be very long, knowing as much as possible about all the coverage you will get will always be the best way to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Check that your insurance covers you and offers reimbursement of medical and hospitalization expenses, as well as repatriation 24/7, even in case of Covid 19 infection.
  • Don't hesitate to purchase your travel insurance early. This insurance will cover you in case of unforeseen events, especially in case of cancellation. Should anything happen, you will be more than glad to have subscribed to a travel insurance for your stay in Dubai.


If you are looking for travel insurance that will provide you with all the necessary guarantees during your stay in the United Arab Emirates, Chapka Direct's Cap Assistance package should interest you. It is designed for trips abroad of less than 3 months and offers:

  • Covid-19 guarantees, which start even before your departure with the cancellation option (up to $6 865), and protect you even in case of an extended stay, if you are stuck in Dubai due to a positive PCR test.
  • Refunds in case of interruption of stay (early return, medical repatriation).
  • 24-hour repatriation assistance.
  • Extensive medical coverage, with up to €200,000 ($171 630) of expenses covered and no deductible.
  • Luggage insurance up to €3,000 ($2 580).
  • Civil Liability for private life up to €4 500 000 ($3 862 000).
  • Coverage for the practice of numerous activities (diving, trekking...).
  • Coverage of legal fees up to €3 000 ($2 580).
  • Free medical teleconsultation 24/7.

Here’s the end of this article. As you may have noticed, I strongly recommend taking a good insurance when you travel, no matter the destination. I know I do. You never know what can happen and if something does happen to you, having insurance will be more than helpful!😉

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