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Less than a 30-minute drive from the center of Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World has become an almost unmissable attraction in the UAE. While staying in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, I recommend booking a day trip to the Ferrari World theme park for a thrilling and memorable experience. If you don't know yet what to do in Abu Dhabi, here is the top activity in the area!


Located in Abu Dhabi on Yas Island, Ferrari World is also known as "Ferrari Experience".

The park, which covers an area of almost nine hectares and already offers more than twenty attractions, opened its doors to the public in November 2010.

Ferrari World is of course intended for fans of beautiful cars and thrills, but it is also a family park. There are more leisurely activities available, and this largely covered park will be the perfect place to spend a day of fun and relaxation, while escaping the sometimes sweltering Abu Dhabi climate for a few hours.

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If you are traveling to Dubai, you should know that it is very easy to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai!
The two cities are quite close and the trip can be done in a day or two.

Ferrari World is available in the Dubai pass!

Ferrari World is one of the 40 attractions offered in the Dubai pass. This pass can be customized by you, by choosing between 3 and 7 attractions that you wish to discover during your stay in Dubai and Abu Dhabi City.

By opting for the pass, you will obtain different advantages such as “no-file” tickets, a discount on the overall price of the activities, ...

Each time I went to Dubai, I took a pass by customizing it with the activities I wanted to do. This customization & flexibility of the pass makes it a real asset 🙂

Among the park’s highlights are five roller coasters, some of which are among the fastest in the world. Ferrari World also offers other attractions and activities, all related to the brand or to motorsports, such as driving lessons or a scenic route during which you can discover more about the history of Ferrari.

One of the park’s special features is that more than half of its surface is covered by a huge red roof of almost 1,076,390 sq ft (100,000 square meters), upon which a gigantic Ferrari logo of more than 150 feet in diameter (50 meters) is emblazoned.

Yas Island is also home to the Yas Marina Circuit, where the annualFormula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. On this occasion, Ferrari World regularly hosts concerts and shows, and major international artists such as Jamiroquai and Beyonce have already performed there.


From downtown Abu Dhabi,  it will take you a good 20 minutes to reach Yas Island and Ferrari World. Alternatively, the bus n° 190 will get you there in just under an hour.

From Dubai, the 74 miles trip (120 km) will take you about 2 hours by bus, or a little over an hour by car. It is entirely possible to make the round trip in one day and still have enough time to fully enjoy your visit to the park. Some attractions may be closed for maintenance at times, so it is advisable to check availability directly on the Ferrari World website before you buy your ticket.


Ferrari World is open from 12 pm to 10 pm every day except Sunday.

Tickets for adults and children over 4ft 2” (1m30) are priced at AED 295, or about $80. For children under 4ft 2” (1m30), the entrance fee is 230 AED (about $63).

Children under 3 years old can enter the park for free.


As soon as you arrive at Ferrari World, you will notice that it is not your usual theme park. Here, everything is done to make you feel in an absolutely unique place, with totally disproportionate proportions. As soon as you enter this huge indoor park you will discover a unique collection of Ferrari models. Moreover, the park's attractions have been designed to provide you with high quality entertainment, maximum thrills, and a memorable fun and educational experience.


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This is probably the fastest roller coaster in the world. In this attraction reserved for high-speed enthusiasts, the goal will be to immerse yourself in the experience that Formula 1 drivers can have when they are launched on the circuits at a dizzying pace. On these tracks, the cars sometimes reach 150 mph (240 km/h)! Their acceleration capacity is not to be outdone, since on board you will go from 0 to 60 mph (100 km/h) in just 2 seconds, taking in 1,7 G all at once. The experience is so intense that people in the lead car even have to wear protective glasses.

Fiorano GT Challenge

This roller coaster is much slower than the previous one – though the cars still travel at nearly 60 mph (100 km/h), so you'll need to have a strong stomach. The Fiorano GT Challenge lets you discover what it feels like to be on board a Ferrari F430 Spider. The originality of this 0.6 mile-long attraction (1 km) is that two cars are placed side by side on two tracks, so that you can really experience the sensations of a race. 

Speed of Magic

In this ultra-modern 4D cinema, you can take a trip in a Ferrari to a number of different environments, even to places where no car has ever been before. On this family-friendly attraction, you'll speed through jungles, along cliffs, over the bottom of the ocean or into ice caves. Throughout this journey, everything will be done to give you the best sensations: temperature and humidity changes, light effects and of course seat movements.

Driving with the Champion

This dynamic simulation is for the whole family, and offers people to take place in a Ferrari car alongside a Formula 1 driver. He will take you on a lap around the Fiorano circuit – the official Ferrari test track – and through the streets of Maranello, the historic headquarters of the Italian car manufacturer.

Flying Aces

This roller coaster will propel you aboard a biplane for a 74 mph (120 km/h) altitude trip. On these rails, you will cross the highest loop in the world, and climb more than 196 feet-high (60 meters) before coming down at full speed on a slope with an inclination of 51 degrees.


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Many other attractions are also available in each of the 4 zones of the park:

  • The Family Zone includes simulators, interactive games and play areas accessible even to the youngest.

  • The F1 Zone allows the whole family to immerse themselves in the world of Formula 1. For example, you can try to beat the tire changing speed record in the Ferrari pits with the "Tyre Change Experience", or discover the entire manufacturing process of the brand's cars in "Made in Maranello".

  • The Italie Zone puts Italy in the spotlight: with Viaggio in Italia, you can admire its valleys, mountains, vineyards and villages. “Bell’ Italia” offers the possibility of discovering a miniature reconstruction of Italy's most emblematic places at the wheel of a small Ferrari 250 California.

  • The Adventure Zone includes thrilling activities such as the "Turbo Tower, Turbo Track" and all the roller coasters
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On Yas Island, in addition to Ferrari World, you can visit other memorable places, such as the Yas Waterworld water park, the Yas Marina Formula 1 circuit, the Yas Mall and Yas Beach.
All these places are close to each other, so it will be very easy to go from one to the other thanks to the shuttle service available on the island. If you're staying at one of the island's hotels, you can even plan a full day tour with these shuttles that can pick you up in the morning at your hotel and drop you off in the evening.

For more information, visit the park’s official website!

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