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During your stay in Dubai, you will be able to discover Deira, one of the two districts that make up the Old Dubai – along with Bur Dubai. This historical district known for its various souks is nowadays one of the most touristic but also authentic places of the city.

If you don't know yet what to do in Dubai, don't hesitate to add the discovery of Deira to your program 🙂


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Deira lies to the west of the Dubai Creek, a large inlet that divides the Old Dubai in two. On the other side of the creek is Bur Dubai, Dubai's other historic district. For a long time, Deira was the center of the city, and although it has now lost its central position as a result of Dubai's expansion and modernization, it is still a very lively and dynamic place, thanks to its many shops.

In Deira, everything is charming and exotic. Walking through the narrow streets of this popular district, you will discover an unsuspected historical heritage, and be able to taste traditional specialties and dishes from all over the world in many restaurants.
If you are traveling to Dubai on a relatively tight budget, Deira is probably the place to look for accommodation. This is where you will find the cheapest hotels in Dubai.


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Deira is a district of the Old Dubai, and particularly animated at any time of the day. Here you will not find any ultra modern shopping malls, the main attractions of this area are the traditional souks:

  • The Naif Souk  is a true small shopping area in the heart of Deira, where you can find all kinds of products (food, traditional and modern clothes, perfumes, souvenirs, electronics...)
  • The Dubai Gold Souk is also located in the Deira district. You will find many jewelry stores where mountains of gold are displayed. Buying or selling gold in Dubai requires some knowledge of market prices, but you can of course visit this souk just for the sights.
  • The Spice Souk is located right next to the Gold Souk. In an incredible mix of colors and scents, you will find spices from all over the world, but also incense and dried fruits, sold by weight.

Other sites in Deira include Al-Ahmadiya School, one of the oldest schools in the UAE, the Heritage House, ra include Al-Ahmadiya School, one of the oldest schools in the UAE, the Heritage House, one of the city's main cultural venues, and Al Mamzar Park, one of Dubai's most popular parks, which also has a very popular beach.


To reach Deira, you can take the Dubai Metro and get off at the Union(one of the largest subway stations in the world), Baniays Square or Al Ras stations, which are located on the green line.

To cross the Dubai Creek, and travel between Bur Dubai and Deira, you can use an abra. This traditional wooden boat is still a popular means of travel in Dubai. These crossings of the Dubai Creek are fast and very affordable (about 5 minutes, and for less than 25 cents), and they also have the advantage of being particularly pleasant. This is the only public transportation in Dubai that you can pay for in cash, without having to use a NOL Card.

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