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Dubai Marina is a district in the southwest of Dubai that began construction in 1998. Today, Dubai Marina is a true city within a city, where along a long winding artificial canal you can discover incredible skyscrapers and luxury yachts ready to sail to the sea.

 Here's a quick tour of one of Dubai's most attractive district 🙂


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Originally, Dubai Marina was designed to be the largest marina in the world. Today, it is a residential and commercial district, which is among the most upscale and bustling in the city. It is also the last major area of the city to be developed, and it is still the most modern district of Dubai.
There are several hundred tall buildings that contribute to the formation of the Dubai Skyline. The most famous building in this area is the Cayan Tower which, at 1,003 feet high (306 meters) and with its unique spiral structure, is the highest spiral tower in the world.

Marina Beach and Marina Walk

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Marina Walk is a long promenade of about  4.3 miles (7km) that goes around the marina of Dubai Marina. On foot or by bike, you can enjoy some peace and quiet while admiring the magnificent views of the beach, the sea, the luxurious boats and the many skyscrapers. There are also many cafes and restaurants along the promenade.
Marina Beach is a very popular beach for both tourists and locals. This very clean beach, overlooked by the huge buildings of the Marina, is one of the most pleasant places in Dubai to enjoy the sea and the sun.


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Dubai Marina is a very chic residential district, which represents quite well all the modernity, the excessiveness and the wealth of Dubai. To visit it, you can for example embark on a dhow (a traditional Arab sailing boat) and leave for a small cruise to discover the beautiful landscapes of the area, the impressive buildings, and even go around the Palm Jumeirah island.
If you want to see the area from a new perspective, you can take a ride down the world's longest urban zipline. From the top of the Marina Mall, you'll start from 557 feet high (170 meters) for a high-speed descent that will allow you to live a thrilling experience all while discovering the Dubai Marina from the air.

The zipline is truly an unusual activity that is rarely available in otherr cities around the world. Normally, when you go ziplining, you have fields or trees as a landscape. In Dubai, you will fly over the different skyscrapers and the port. Thrill seekers, you won't be disappointed 🙂


Dubai Marina is one of the best places in Dubai for shopping. The Dubai Marina Mall is one of the city's most popular luxury malls. Located on the waterfront, it has a large free playground for children. This new complex is spread over 4 floors, and you will find the most famous brands as well as stores of all kinds (fashion, perfumes, electronics...).

On the Marina Walk, you will also find many stores and restaurants serving specialties from all over the world.

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