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XLine Marina, the zipline of Dubai

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Can you zip line in Dubai? Yes, of course you can! If you're visiting Dubai and want to experience a thrill, then the XLine Marina, Dubai's zipline, is the attraction made for you.

In the Marina district, this 0.6 mile-long zipline (one kilometer long) will allow you to discover Dubai in a completely different way, all while living an unforgettable experience.

I was able to try this activity myself during my last stay and I explain it all in this article today! 🙂


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The XLine Dubai used to be located near the Burj Khalifa, but is now located in the Marina, more precisely in the Dubai Marina Mall. Twice as long as its predecessor, this new zipline allows you to travel over the water, among the skyscrapers, and enjoy the city in an even more impressive way.

The new XLine is the highest and fastest urban zipline in the world. It starts from one of the Amwaj towers, from which you can already enjoy a sublime view of the Marina. A descent of more than 3,280 feet (1000 m) to the Marina Mall awaits you. During this descent, you will feel like you are flying like Superman: with your head forward and your belly towards the ground, you will enjoy a unique view. You'll reach a speed of 50 mph (80 km/h), and right from the start, the acceleration from 0 to 40 mph (0 to 60 km/h) in just 2.5 seconds won't leave you unaffected!

The XLine Marina of Dubai is the one and only zipline in the city.

This attraction is truly one of the must-do experiences on a trip to Dubai.

If you're not sure what to do in Dubai yet, I strongly encourage you to put the Dubai zipline on your list, especially if you enjoy thrills 🙂

However, since it's a very popular activity, it's better to book in advance, you run the risk of not finding places for your dates otherwise. The attraction is always crowded on site and departures quickly follow one another, BUT tourists from all over the world all want to do this activity... So you've been warned, remember to book beforehand!

Watch out: the activity is temporarily closed for maintenance, and its reopening is not yet known. Hopefully soon!

This vertiginous descent along a rope inclined at 16 degrees is the ideal way to appreciate all the excess and modernity of the city of gold. It's not just a panorama that you will discover, but a multitude of viewpoints as you progress above the Marina. You will be able to admire the luxury yachts and enjoy incomparable views of the Dubai Skyline, the coast, the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah, or the Dubai Eye, which is the largest observation wheel in the world.

I'll let those who want to know a little more watch a little video (beware, you'll be somewhat spoiled on the view and the descent, so if you're absolutely sure you want to do the zipline in Dubai, don't feel obliged to watch this video, at the risk of losing the surprise effect).


The Dubai zipline is an activity that is intended for people with a strong stomach. Of course, there are strict safety regulations, as with all thrill rides. A team of world-renowned professionals is responsible for daily testing and maintenance of this attraction throughout the year, always putting safety first. They will also be there to guide you through your experience and answer any questions you may have.

First and foremost, in order to use the zip line, you must:

  • Be over 12 and under 65 years of age
  • Be over 4 feet 2 (130 centimeters tall)
  • Weigh between 110 and 220 pounds (50 and 100 kg)

Moreover, the attraction is also not recommended for people with medical conditions. Additionally, you must also be able to show an ID at the entrance of the XLine. So be sure to take all of these factors into account, especially if you want to go down the zip line with your children!

It is also important to note that the departure platform is only accessible to those who have a ticket. It is therefore not possible to accompany a family member or friend to the departure platform. If you do not wish to make the descent yourself, the best thing to do in this case is to wait at the bottom, so that you can take pictures or film the descent of whoever you came with. This way, you can also get their first reactions right after this experience.


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If you want to make the most of this activity, and have the best possible memories of your descent along the Dubai zipline, you should come well prepared. The first important thing will be to dress properly, choosing the right clothes. Avoid shoes that can easily come off and get lost, such as flip-flops. Similarly, clothing that is too large (and could quickly become really uncomfortable should the wind blow into it during your descent) should be avoided. On site, a locker service is available, allowing you to deposit your belongings. This service is included in the price of the ticket and is accessible at no extra cost.

Relax your timetable before your descent: the arrival on site, the ascent and the preparations can be a little stressful, especially if it is your first time doing this type of experience. So don't add unnecessary tension to yourself by being hurried for time, and feel free to show up at the front desk a little early.

This attraction is absolutely safe. This also means that you will have a short briefing before your descent, during which you will learn all the safety instructions of the zipline. Preparations to get you equipped and ready to enjoy the ride will also take some time. In the end, expect a good hour and a half between the time of your reservation and the time you come out of this experience.

If you like to immortalize your travels and take pictures, you can use your camera or smartphone all the way to the departure platform, which is located 560 feet above the ground (170 meters). However, for safety reasons, you will not be able to take your camera with you during your descent. A GoPro camera placed directly on the equipment will take care of taking quality pictures and videos, which you will be able to get after your descent.


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If you want to take advantage of your stay in Dubai to experience the attraction, the XLine Marina is open every day of the week except Wednesday. The attraction is open from 10 am to 5 pm, and a reservation is required to access it. This reservation can be done very simply and quickly online, and allows you to get an immediate confirmation.

As you make your reservation, you will not only have to choose the time of your descent, but you will also have the choice between a solo ticket and a double ticket:

  • Going Solo” will be the most suitable if you are unaccompanied or want to be solo to ride the XLine. You can reserve your spot on this site.

  • If you want to do the descent in tandem, you will have to choose the “Double Trouble” formula. With this option, you and your partner will jump on 2 parallel ropes at the same time, to fully enjoy the experience as a duo. This option also allows you to not be alone in the photos and videos that will be shown to you after your descent.

The “Going Solo” ticket is priced at AED 680, or about $185 (€157). The Double Trouble ticket is slightly more interesting in terms of price: it is offered at AED 1200, or about $326.5 (€265) for two people. All in all, it will take between 1 and 1.5 hours to experience the XLine Marina of Dubai.

It should be noted that after your descent, you will be able to take with you pictures and a video, so as to keep an unforgettable memory of your adventure. These souvenirs, made by professional photography and video editing teams, are included in the base price and do not require paying for an additional option.


The XLine is located in the Dubai Marina. If you wish to go there by public transport, you can choose between:

  • Taking the bus on lines 8 and 81 and getting off at Jumeirah Beach Residence Station 1;
  • Taking the M1 subway and getting off at the Jumeirah Lake Towers Metro Station;
  • Taking the streetcar T1 and getting off at the Dubai Marina Mall Station.

Only the streetcar will really get you there - with buses or the Dubai Metro, you'll have to walk a little over 0.4 miles (600 meters) to reach your destination. This could be a great opportunity to enjoy the stunning surroundings of the Marina, just before you discover them from a higher vantage point!

If you would rather take a cab in Dubai, cab drivers will of course have no trouble driving you to the Marina Mall, and if you decide to rent a car (ajouter lien ici) to move around more freely, you will easily find a place to park in the mall's parking lot. Once there, the reception for the Dubai zipline is located inside the Marina Mall, on level P.

And that's it, that's the end of this article. I hope I was able to answer all the questions you had!

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