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All about Dubai's newest district: Dubai Creek Harbour

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Dubai Creek Harbour is a new district that is coming to life in Dubai. This forward-looking district, which is expected to house the world's new tallest tower and whose construction began in October 2016, is the biggest development project currently underway in Dubai.


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The new district of the Dubai Creek is ideally located: just ten minutes from the Al Maktoum International Airport, the Jebel Ali Port and some of Dubai's top attractions, such as the Burj Khalifa.

It is expected to become one of Dubai's most popular tourist spots, but also a unique residential and resort area with a marina, beaches, restaurants, shops and world famous attractions.

The Dubai Creek Harbour will also be home to a new shopping mall: the Dubai Square Mall. When completed, it is expected to cover a surface of more than 8,073,000 sq ft (750,000 square meters) and to become the largest shopping mall in the world, surpassing the Dubai Mall. The total investment for the creation of the mall and its accompanying hotels is over $5.5 billion.

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Creek Island Dubai is a large commercial and residential district that will cover an area of over 2.3 square miles (6 km²) on the waterfront. At the heart of Creek Island, a new urban port will be built: the Creek Marina. This new marina will be shaped like an oyster, and will be entirely lined with cafés, luxury boutiques and chic restaurants. It will be able to accommodate nearly a hundred yachts and pleasure boats.

The largest Chinatown in the Middle East is also being built in Dubai Creek Harbour. The day after Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Dubai in 2018, Emaar, the developer in charge of the project, announced that a Chinatown would be built in the Creek Harbour. Designed to appeal to Chinese tourists as well as residents and visitors from around the world, Dubai's Chinese district is expected to be far more modern than the districts, while still maintaining some respect for tradition.

The DubaI Creek Tower

The Dubai Creek Harbour is therefore not lacking in assets and should manage to become one of the most attractive places in the city in the months and years to come, without much difficulty. But the main attraction of the area will undoubtedly be the Dubai Creek Tower, a tower whose final height is still unknown, but which should surpass the Burj Khalifa and become the future highest tower in the world.

The work was supposed to cost 1 billion dollars, but after several postponements, the construction has been delayed and the bill will probably be much higher than expected.

For Dubai, remaining the city with the tallest building in the world is an important strategic issue, and the construction of this Dubai Creek Tower was launched to compete with the Jeddah Tower, another skyscraper that could exceed 3,280 feet in height (1000 m), currently under construction in Saudi Arabia.

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