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Are you planning to visit Dubai for a vacation? Great, so I guess you are looking for the best places to eat in Dubai... Well, good news, Dubai has a lot of restaurants available for all budgets.

There are plenty of options and choices, from international and local specialties to high-end restaurants – you won't be disappointed! From now on, follow this guide to discover the best restaurants in Dubai and the specialties not to be missed... 😊


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One may often wonder where to eat in Dubai. After all, the extravagance and modernity of the city suggest that you can find everything...

This is more or less true. The gastronomy in Dubai is international, but most of the restaurants offer oriental dishes. Typically, you will find Lebanese, Iranian, but also Syrian specialties. From a culinary point of view, this is rather good news, especially if you like to discover new flavors!

As for Dubai's specialties, it goes without saying that you won't eat pork. The United Arab Emirates are basically Muslim, so don't even think about it! However, you will certainly enjoy their cuisine, for it is often grilled recipes, both meat and fish.

If you feel a bit lost, and in order not to make a mistake when ordering, here is a list of dishes you will certainly come across:

Mezze : very similar to Spanish tapas, Mezze is an assortment of small dishes that can be used as a meal or appetizer. The food is served in small bowls which you can eat with friends or family. Typically, it includes eggplant caviar, chickpea puree, fried potatoes, spicy cheese, chicken, beans, meat-stuffed bread and many other varieties of dishes...

Hummus : a chickpea puree flavored with garlic, lemon and olive oil.

Shawarma : pita bread filled with slices of lamb, mutton, chicken or beef, vegetables and a sauce. In fact, it is quite similar to the kebab!

Falafel : chickpea or bean balls.

Koussa Mehchi : zucchini stuffed with meat, rice and herbs.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. There are other specialties on restaurant menus in Dubai, but don't hesitate to ask the waiter about them. Oriental food is generally very good, unless you don't like spices. Nevertheless, you will certainly find restaurants offering simple dishes, like a good steak & fries for example!


where to eat dubai

Yes, it is possible to eat in Dubai for cheap and therefore without ruining yourself. To do this, you need to target the right restaurants and above all, have all the good tips!

To save money on food and eat at affordable prices, you should go to the old Deira district. Most restaurants offer buffets, and you'll find a lot of cafeterias! If you're not picky about food, opting for typical and traditional dishes will cost you a lot less, a little more than $2.00 per person.

Discover the best places to eat at good prices during your vacations in Dubai right now!
Apart from this list, there are of course still other addresses to discover! 

  • The other option is to turn to chain restaurants. For example, Nando’s is an excellent compromise to get hearty meals at a reasonable price. It is a South African chain specializing in marinated and grilled chicken. You will really get your money's worth, with a very detailed menu and a lot of choices! If you are interested in this chain, know that Dubai is home to 13 Nando's restaurants, which is great news for you 😉
  • To enjoy typical and cheap food in Dubai, I recommend Wafi Gourmet.This establishment offers a menu of Lebanese dishes of all kinds! The pastries are also good and very tasty, and the prices are quite low.
  • If you like grilled and marinated meat, I can only recommend Al Ustad Special Kabab, one of the oldest restaurants in Dubai. Specializing in Iranian cuisine, this establishment offers marinated meat with yogurt and rice, kebabs and many other good things, at very affordable prices!
  • For fish and seafood lovers, Bu Qtair is exceptional. On the menu: different fried fishes, grilled shrimps, fish curry... So many good dishes to eat for cheap in Dubai. Moreover, the setting is really exceptional since the restaurant is located in the heart of the port of Umm Suqeim
  • It is also possible to taste other specialities in Dubai, even Palestinian ones! For that, you just have to go to the restaurant Zaroob, which offers dishes from the Arabic street cuisine. The locals are really welcoming and the food is excellent: falafels, filled oriental patties, or fatayers, a salty pastry filled with meat and cheese.
  • Café Isan offers typical Thai dishes. It is one of the most affordable restaurants in Dubai and you get what you pay for. On the menu, you can choose from a variety of meats such as marinated or stir-fried chicken and beef. Also offered are curry dishes, soups and a whole host of other culinary specialties!

Finally, know that the best restaurants are usually found in hotels in Dubai. These establishments offer international menus, suitable for all travelers – even the fussiest ones! However, the prices are usually very high. If you can, book a room with half board included, it will be a real saving!

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