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Want to jet ski in Dubai during your stay? If you like water sports, jet skiing will allow you to enjoy the sea and discover the city in a new way.

If you are looking to rent a jet ski in Dubai, you will find on this page all the information you will need about the different packages offered and their prices, the places to go, as well as some other water sports to try 😊


Going on a jet ski trip is always a great time, and one that  you will remember for a long time for a long time. Whether you're going as a couple or with your family for a quiet, relaxing ride on the water, or with friends for a thrilling experience on the waves, a jet ski trip will never leave you indifferent.

Whether it's your first experience or you're a seasoned pilot, Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most suitable places in the world to practice jet skiing.

In addition to enjoying  ideal water and weather conditions, once in the sea, you'll have plenty of time to admire Dubai's many wonders from the ocean! And that's really nice😊


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There are two main options for jet skiing in Dubai. Actually, they differ only by the duration of the vehicle rental - other than that, you will start from the same place and you will have access to the same type of jet ski. You can choose to rent your jet ski for either 30 minutes or for a full hour.

I was able to test the different formulas during my stays in Dubai (it's the advantage of going there at least once a year for years😉) and as you will see, the one hour trip will allow you to get around a little more and thus to better enjoy the beauties of Dubai.

In any case, whatever formula you choose, you will have to go to the marina located next to the public beach of Jumeirah.  It is a perfect place to jet ski in Dubai because from the sea you will have the emblematic places of Dubai as background landscape (among which the famous Burj Khalifa) during your jet ski trip😊



Where to book? 

30 minutes jet ski session


1 hour jet ski session



This first option is also the most popular. Jet ski rentals in Dubai are quite expensive, and many people settle for this shorter, but just as intense intense experience. Upon arrival, a english-speaking guide will greet you, outfit you and explain how to drive a jet ski if you are new to the sport. Rest assured, these machines are easy to handle, and you'll be able to enjoy driving them in just a few minutes.

You will leave the marina and head towards the Burj Al Arab, to discover this mythical hotel from the sea. You can then go at your own pace and admire the yachts of billionaires in the Dubai Marina and the famous artificial island The Palm Jumeirah.                                          During the whole trip, you will be accompanied by a professional instructor who will be in charge of your safety, but the best part is that he will also leave you a lot of freedom.

Of course, you will be able to take a few breaks to enjoy the scenery and take some pictures, and at the end of this activity, you will be able to get free pictures and videos of your trip.
To live this experience, you will have to pay about $94-97 (depending on the exchange rate at the time) for the rental of a jet ski for 30 minutes.
One jet ski can be used by two people, a pilot and a passenger. You should therefore only book one jet ski even if there are two of you on it.

I advise you to book this activity in advance because some days are quickly full. You can easily do it on the internet.

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In my opinion  this is the best option to really enjoy your jet ski trip in Dubai. Of course, this option being longer, it is also more expensive. You will have to pay about $56 more to add 30 minutes of jet ski. However, it is ultimately more interesting financially, if we only consider the price in relation to the time spent on the jet ski. It is also the formula that will allow you to have enough time to really feel the thrill of driving these powerful vehicles, while discovering more landscapes and views of Dubai.

For example, you will have time to drive around the Jumeirah district and the marina, to admire the impressive buildings of Dubai. You can also stop at Palm Jumeirah in front of the luxurious Atlantis Hotel, to take some pictures. Once again, you will be supervised by a professional during your entire excursion. He or she will also be responsible for capturing your experience and providing you with free photos and videos.


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Jet skiing in Dubai is not an activity that can be easily improvised. In order to avoid bad surprises, I will give you some useful tips regarding the rules to respect and the equipment you will need.

First of all, think about reserving your jet ski if it is at all possible. It is not compulsory, and you can directly rent a vehicle on the spot, but booking in advance allows you to be sure to have a vehicle available, thereby saving time and often making interesting savings.
Please note that in Dubai, only people over 16 years old are allowed to drive jet skis. You will always be asked to show your ID card or passport before you can get on one of the machines. The minimum legal age to be a passenger is 5 years old.

To ensure your safety, the necessary equipment will always be provided by the professionals in charge of this activity. You will have to wear a  life jacket, in any case, and if you request it, you can also be equipped with a helmet and protective gloves

You will not be able to ride with more than 2 people on a jet ski, whether they are adults or children. Important note: if you book your jet ski rental and you have to choose a number of people, be aware that each person will actually correspond to a jet ski. It's not just a seat you're booking, but a vehicle. If you want to take two people out on one jet ski, you will have to make a reservation for one adult or participant. You can therefore consider that the "passenger" seat is free, which can allow you to enjoy an outing for a much more attractive price, especially if you want to go jet skiing as a couple or with a child.


If you want to enjoy other water activities in Dubai after your jet ski trip, you'll be spoilt for choice. Whether you're looking for a thrill-seeking experience or a more leisurely, contemplative time, you're bound to find something that suits you.


flyboard dubai

The flyboard is an increasingly popular attraction in recent years. Invented by a Frenchman, this machine, which could seem to come straight out of a superhero movie, allows you to rise into the air above the sea, thanks to the ejection of powerful water jets under your feet. The flyboard may seem quite difficult to handle at first, but you will be accompanied by an instructor throughout your experience. You can try this original device for 30 minutes for about $90 per person.


The Seabreacher is another modern experience that should please thrill seekers. You will be able to take the controls of a small submarine shaped like a dolphin, that can accelerate to more than 100 miles/h. These small race cars are even capable of leaping 9 feet out of the water. Seabreacher rides are not cheap (you will have to pay about 130 € for 15 minutes, et $214 for 30 minutes). They will leave you with a memorable experience, and if your budget allows it and you like jet skiing, I really recommend trying this new kind of activity.


HERO OdySEA proposes to make a sea trip a little bit calmer and family oriented, by taking the controls of a small boat without a license. You will be accompanied by a guide and will be able to go along the Jumeirah coast and make some stops to admire some of the most important sites of Dubai. Each small boat can accommodate 2 people, and there are even late-night trips if you want to watch the sunset from the sea. This tour lasts 90 minutes and costs about $180 per boat.


A luxury yacht tour in Dubai Marina will be the perfect way to discover Dubai Bay, by immersing yourself for a moment in the life of a billionaire. From the marina, you'll embark on a 2-3 hour mini-cruise that will take you to most of the landmarks of the Dubai coastline. You will have many options to choose from, such as having lunch on board or staying for an evening sunset. These yacht tours are available from $56 per person.

That's it for jet skiing in Dubai. I hope I was able to enlighten you on the subject! 😊

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