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It's decided, you are leaving soon to visit Dubai! One of the first things to do to organize your stay in Dubai will of course be to find your plane ticket. Dubai is more than 7,049.104 miles (or 11,344.433 kilometers) away – a 14.5 hours flight from Washington D.C. Obviously, for such a long trip, the price of the plane tickets can be really high! Fortunately, thanks to the few tips I will give you in this little guide, you will know what to do to find your plane ticket to Dubai at the best price.


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You can save money on your airfare for Dubai by following the right search methods 😊


The first reflex to have may seem obvious nowadays, but it is always important to remind it: I recommend buying your ticket online. Indeed, if you choose to go directly to a travel agency, the price for your ticket will not be any less than if you book and buy it directly on the Internet. You can even save yourself the cost of the agency's services, which often represent a few dozen dollars.

And to find a flight to Dubai at the best price, I advise using a flight comparison website. These sites are extremely practical: they quickly compare hundreds or even thousands of offers from a multitude of travel agencies and airlines, each one more famous than the last, such as Air France, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, EasyJet, Emirates...

You can quickly choose your destination and departure date, and modify your search criteria according to your needs: for example, choose to display only non-stop flights or night flights.

These plane-ticket booking platforms really help you make great savings – don't hesitate to try more than one during your search. Indeed, even if the prices offered are often the same, you could find a good deal.


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When searching on an airline ticket comparison service, it is important to be flexible. Comparators such as Kayak or Skyscanner will allow you to find the cheapest flight, but if you set a departure and arrival date as well as the airport from the beginning, you will certainly miss out on good deals.

Let's say you want to go to Dubai for the holidays. The bad idea would be to go to a flight comparison website and just look for Washington D.C-Dubai tickets for December 18. Of course, you will find the best tickets for this date and for this destination, but you might miss a very good deal.

Don't hesitate to widen your search, to December 17 and 19 for example, but don’t stop there: check the prices of flights from other departure airports, maybe you will find flights from New-York to Dubai or Chicago to Dubai at much more affordable prices.

But this also applies to the arrival airport. Dubai is only about 100 miles (160 km) from Abu Dhabi, and it's not uncommon for flights to Abu Dhabi to be less expensive than those to Dubai. Plus, you'll probably want to visit Abu Dhabi at least once during your stay in Dubai, so this would be a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone!


Unlike most destinations, the price of flights to Dubai does not vary greatly throughout the year. The average price of a flight is always around $700 , but that doesn't mean you can't save money by choosing the best time to go. The most expensive months for tickets are July, August and December. The rest of the year, you can pay  $200 to $400 less than during these months.

Dubai's arid subtropical climate makes it a less interesting destination between June and September, so look for the rest of the year. March and November, for example, are very good months to travel to Dubai, as the weather is ideal and flight prices are at their lowest.


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This advice applies to Dubai as well as to any other destination. Indeed, you should know that in absolutely all the planes that take off, a certain number of seats are reserved to be sold at the best price for the clients. And of course,it's first come, first served!

The earlier you buy your tickets, the better your chances of getting them for a good price. If you wait until the last few weeks, prices will inevitably rise, and your ticket to Dubai could end up costing you several hundred dollars more!

Once all those “cheap” seats are sold out, the price of the tickets go up. Booking your ticket as early as possible is the surest way to pay less. I recommend buying it as soon as the dates of your trip to Dubai are confirmed, or even before that if the cancellation conditions are interesting.

The longer your flight, the earlier you should book. Even for a short flight, do not hesitate to buy your ticket 3 months or more before the date. For a long-haul flight to Dubai, the ideal is to book your ticket more than 6 months in advance.


Another solution, less safe but which can be just as effective, is to wait until the last minute. If the planes are not full, the airlines sell the last seats at extremely attractive prices. However, since Dubai is a very popular tourist destination, if you want to travel during the high tourist season, the odds of there being any seats left available are quite low, and most of the time it is only in the case of cancellations that last-minute seats are available.

This method is best for travels during the low tourist season. If you feel like leaving on a whim, with a bit of luck you will be able to find last minute flights to Dubai at prices that defy all competition. Some sites like specialize in finding last-minute deals.

And if you haven't booked your accommodation yet and aren’t sure of where to sleep in Dubai, don't hesitate to consult my article dedicated to this subject 😊

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