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Located right next to the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Fountain is now one of the city's MUST SEE attractions. Every year, millions of people come to witness the absolutely unique spectacle created by these illuminated water jets that seem to truly dance to music.

Here's a little guide to help you discover everything you might need to best enjoy  the Dubai Fountain show 🙂


largest water show in the world

As always, it is very difficult to talk about Dubai and its landmarks without talking about excess. In this emirate, everything always seems bigger than elsewhere, and it is never just an impression.
The Dubai Fountain is a perfect example of this, for it is nothing less than the largest fountain in the world.

To speak of a fountain is a bit of a reductive term, as it is in fact a large group of fountains that work in harmony to create a ballet of skilfully choreographed water jets. To discover the Dubai Foutain,  is to attend a real sound and light show, which is of course part of the must-sees of the city.
The Dubai Fountain was designed by Wet Design, the firm that also created the famous Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas.  Like the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Fountain was inaugurated in 2009.
It is about 900 feet long (275 meters) and more than 6600 bulbs and 25 gigantic projectors are responsible for illuminating the water jets with a thousand colors. The lights of the fountain can be seen from a distance of more than 18 miles (30 kilometers). It's really mind-blowing, you'll see 🙂

An immersive experience up close to the fountain 👀 

Want to admire this majestic fountain up close? You have the possibility to go up on the floating platform which is only thirty feet (ten meters) away from the fountain. The big advantage is that you will benefit from a magnificent shot for photos & videos, and will be sure to have a clear view to admire the show since no one will be able to stand in front of you 🙂

I had the opportunity to test the platform, and for the low access price, it is clearly worth doing it! You'll have a nice memory of it and you might even get a light refreshment during the show depending on the direction of the wind 😉

The very original design of this fountain consists of 5 large circles and 2 arcs, along which thousands of water jets are arranged. The most powerful jets of the Dubai fountain are capable of propelling water to a height of more than 500 feet (150 meters) and a total of 83,000 liters of water can be ejected into the air at any time. More than a thousand different models of water jets were used to create this absolutely unique fountain.
To build such a fountain, an exceptional basin was of course necessary. Very modestly, an artificial lake of 1,200 acres of surface (12 hectares) was thus conceived. The panoramic observatory located at the top of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper will be the ideal place to appreciate the magnitude of this lake which fits perfectly into the city and gives it color, while contrasting with the desert that stretches in the distance.


dubai fountain

The Dubai Fountain does more than merely shoot water into the air: what has made it one of the most popular places in the city is the choreographed shows that are held there every day.
If you're visiting Dubai, you can attend these shows:

  • Saturday through Thursday at 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m
  • Fridays at 1:30 pm and 2 pm
  • every night of the week  from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm, with a show every 30 minutes.

The best time to enjoy the colors is when night falls and the atmosphere becomes even more magical, with the water jets lighting up and the tall buildings of Dubai lit up in the background.

During these magical water shows, the water is propelled to the rhythm of music of different styles, ranging from classical music to contemporary music, as well as traditional Arabic music.

To attend this show, you can take a seat anywhere near the fountain.

This is a free activity to do in Dubai! You can even sit on the terrace of one of the bars or restaurants on site, which is a great way to enjoy the water ballet of the Dubai Fountain while eating. The Social House  is one of the best places to relax while enjoying the show.
This restaurant, with a very relaxed atmosphere, offers dishes from around the world, and its terrace is perfectly oriented towards the fountain. 

If you want an even more exciting experience, there are also several options available, as we'll see below.


burj khalifa water show

The most accessible way to experience the Dubai Fountain show is to simply walk to the edge of the pool and quietly choose the most convenient location. This show is particularly popular, especially during the nightly representations, so plan to come early if you wish to get the best seats.

The central exit of the Dubai Mall is one of the places to avoid, as it gets very crowded during rush hour. The Apple Store just above this exit has an outdoor balcony that is one of the best places to enjoy the fountain show, but this spot is also very coveted and only accessible during the day. Near the lower exit of the Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue, you will find a place that is often much less populated and also offers a great view to admire the show. 


largest water show in the world

The Burj Khalifa  is the tallest skyscraper in the world. It is also one of the most iconic sites in Dubai, and you owe it to yourself to visit it once during your stay. The tower is home to the world's tallest outdoor observation point, and two different packages are available to visit it.
The « At the Top » ticket will take you to the platform on the 124th floor, while the « At the Top, Burj Khalifa Sky » ticket will take you to the 148th floor, where you can enjoy an even more privileged view and a much quieter atmosphere. Prices for these tours vary depending on the time of day, and you'll need to spend between $46 and $160.

From this position, you may not have the best view of the fountain itself, as you will be a bit too high up. However, you will have an absolutely unbeatable view of the whole lake and the surrounding buildings, and you will be able to enjoy the light show.

As the show takes place several times a day, you can easily plan to watch the show from the ground, to enjoy the music and the choreography of the water jets, before making your visit to the Burj Khalifa and rediscovering this show from a different angle.

You will also be in the perfect place to admire other major landmarks of Dubai, such as the Burj Al Arab (the sail-shaped hotel), the artificial islands The Palm and The World, and of course the many skyscrapers of the Dubai Skyline.


The Dubai Fountain Boardwalk is a floating platform that was recently installed at the Dubai Fountain. It will allow you to get within 32 feet (10 meters) of some of the Dubai Fountain's water jets, to view the spectacle from a previously impossible angle.
The platform is nearly 820 feet long in total (250 meters), and you will be able to move around freely during the show. The ticket to watch the show from this platform is priced at AED 20, or about $5.44.


dubai fountain burj khalifa

Another way to see the Dubai Fountain show from the water is to opt for a mini abra cruise around the Burj Khalifa Lake. The Dubai Fountain Lake Ride is probably the best way to appreciate the power of the hundreds of water jets working in perfect harmony.

Tickets for this attraction are very popular and cost about $17 per person.It's best to book in advance to ensure you get a seat. The boats leave 15 minutes before the start of each show, and the tour takes about 30 minutes. You'll need to pick up your ticket at the « At the Top » desk in the underground section of the Dubai Mall, so be sure to arrive early enough not to miss the start.

Dubai Fountain Water Experiences

Since December 2020, several new options are available to discover the Dubai Fountain. An extension of the artificial lake has been opened, and it offers options that should appeal especially to families who want to enjoy the lake during the day. Every day from 12pm to 8pm, you can find, among other things, motorized and pedal boats that are suitable for children and families, as well as transparent kayaks.


To get to the Dubai Fountain using the subway, you can take the Dubai Metro’s Red Line, et and get off at Burj Khalifa station or Dubai Mall station. During rush hour, you can also choose to stop at the Business Bay station. From there, it's a good 10-minute walk, but the walk to the Dubai Fountain may be more pleasant than walking through the crowded mall.
If you're driving, follow Sheikh Zayed Road, which is the city's main avenue, until you reach Dubai Fountain Street.

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